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EMAG MachineStatus – Your entire production at a glance

EMAG MachineStatus provides a clearly organized display of operating and energy efficiency data for one or several EMAG machines. On a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer – the system can be adapted to any requirements.

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MachineStatus – Your entire production at a glance: all the relevant production and energy efficiency data clearly displayed and available anywhere, at any time

MachineStatus offers a rapid overview of all the machines in your production, providing you with key figures and analytics. These key indicators allow clear conclusions to be drawn about the productivity and efficiency of machines, and tell the user about operating statuses, operating data, and energy consumption.

With MachineStatus, users have a software solution at their disposal that supplies detailed information on production volumes, cycle times, and measurement results, as well as power and air consumption.

EMAG MachineStatus is comprised of four components:

  1. EMAG Wifi SecureConnect, a wireless router for secure networking between the machine and the user devices.
  2. MachineStatus-Operate, the analysis software itself, which is installed on the NC control and makes the data available to the user devices.
  3. MachineStatus-Sensor, a data tracker for energy consumption analysis.
  4. MachineStatus-Device, the software that prepares the analysis data for display, which can be installed on any user device.

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  • All operating and production data displayed clearly and available anywhere
  • Accepted/rejected parts statistics for quality analysis
  • Efficiency comparisons across production shifts
  • Comparison of machine efficiency including benchmarking
  • Tool wear analysis, which may encompass multiple jobs
  • Energy efficiency analysis for individual machines and comparison of energy efficiency across multiple operations

System requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Siemens Sinumerik Operate or Fanuc from 30b upward
  • EMAG Wifi SecureConnect wireless router
  • All EMAG machines from YOM 2015 onward

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