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LifetoolAnalytics – Optimum use of tools, optimized tool management

With LifetoolAnalytics, production losses caused by worn machine tools are a thing of the past. LifetoolAnalytics provides monitoring of driven tools for overload and state of wear, and thus allows optimum planning of service times and tool changes.

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LifetoolAnalytics – Tool wear always under control

LifetoolAnalytics is a module that uses an NFC system to monitor driven tools. The tool is equipped with an NFC chip that records operating data during the machining process. LifetoolAnalytics records hours in operation, rotational speed ranges and temperatures. This data is saved to the NFC chip on the driven tool. It can be read and analyzed via NFC sensors, by e.g. a tool preset device, tool management system, or even a smartphones or tablet.

The operating data is sent to the tool preset device or to a smartphone/tablet. The Analytics database sends the comparison values directly to the end device.

A comparison with other data from the Analytics database makes it possible to determine the tool’s wear condition. Simple operation was a priority in software development. For example, the overview page shows a rough status report that allows an initial assessment by a traffic light system. If required, a detailed analysis can be issued, which provides further options for optimization.

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  • Boost of production efficiency
  • Optimizing preventive maintenance
  • Reducing the amount of scrap
  • Increasing production reliability
  • Minimizing crashes
  • Preventing unscheduled production downtimes
  • Extending lifetime of tools
  • Reducing material consumption in production
  • Reducing wear of the drive components of driven tool, such as bearings and gears

System requirements

  • One EMAG LifetoolAnalytics sensor for each driven tool
  • Depending on requirements:
    - Tool preset device with NFC support
    - Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.0 or higher
  • Internet connection to connect to the Analytics database

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