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VM 9 Modular Vertical Turning Center

Optimally adapted for vertical machining, the VM 9 vertical turning center is designed for the manufacture of large workpieces up to 450 mm in diameter.


Depending on the desired interface (BMT or VDI), the tool turret features eight or twelve tool positions, which can also be equipped with driven tools to carry out drilling operations, for example. The integrated probe ensures process reliability and guarantees consistently high workpiece quality (first part = OK part).

The VM 9 spindle down turning center is thus extremely well equipped for a wide variety of production tasks.

VM 9 Vertical Turning Center

VM 9 Vertical Turning Center

Technical DataVM 9
Chuck diameter450 mm
17.5 inch
Swing diameter over base650 mm
25.5 inch
Spindle flange ISO 702-1Size 8
Spindle height (without clamping devices)970 mm
38 inch
Turning diameter, max.450 mm
17.5 inch
X-axis / Z-axis travel330 / 500 mm
13 / 19.5 inch
Weight, max. 300 kg
661 lb

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