VSC 400 DUO Vertical Multi-Tasking Production Center

01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VSC 400 DUO − the highly flexible twin-spindle production center for the machining of "round workpieces"

The VSC 400 DUO has been specially designed for the machining of large batches of small and medium size workpieces where flexibility is clearly to the fore of manufacturing requirements. The independent overhead slides can carry out simultaneous and or different machining operations (OP10/OP20). This lends flexibility to the task of adapting the machine to batch size changes.

Another advantage of the VSC series is the possible integration of diverse machining processes: turning, milling, drilling/boring and grinding - all these technologies and more can be accommodated on the VSC. The list also includes laser machining operations, such as the welding of rotationally symmetrical workpieces.

The advantages of the VSC 400 DUO

  • Application of a variety of manufacturing technologies on a single machine
  • Designed for wet and dry machining
  • Rigid machine construction with optimal vibration damping properties (MINERALIT®)
  • High degree of thermal stability: all components affecting the accuracy of the machine are fluid-cooled
  • Footprint reduced by up to 40%
  • Lower personnel costs through integrated automation
  • Reduction in service and spare part stockholding costs
  • Sturdy tooling systems for a range of different production processes, integrated into the machine base for added rigidity
  • Well protected, integrated measuring systems

Machine construction
The machine base consists of two clearly separated MINERALIT® beds. This ensures that the two machining areas have no adverse effect on each other.  The high degree of rigidity and the exceptional vibration damping properties of MINERALIT® (the latter are six to eight times better than those of grey cast iron) allow for the very high feed rates and cutting forces required in precision and hard machining. The overhead slides feature separate X-axes and travel in linear roller guide rails on the machine base. The two quills that accommodate the spindles and travel in the Z-axis, run in hydro-static bearings in the overhead slides. The CNC control allows for both slides and both spindles to be programmed and reset independently. The spindles are driven by AC asynchronous motors with a power rating of 58 kW, a torque of 620 Nm and a max speed of 900 rpm.
All axes are equipped with direct measuring, wraparound linear measuring systems. Spindle motor, main spindle and quill, turret, electrical cabinet and machine base are all fluid-cooled and kept at a constant temperature by a twin-circuit heat exchanger. The two independent EMAG disk-type turrets can be tooled up for a variety of different production processes, a point that underlines the great flexibility of the VSC 400 DUO. Each turret accommodates up to 12 turning or, alternatively, 12 life drilling, milling and grinding tools. The fact that the workpieces are loaded from the side and the service and maintenance area takes up a central position guarantees easy access to the machining area.
Obviously, the machine also features two separate measuring probes, which are well protected against chips and dirt during the machining cycle.

A universal machine series for all manufacturing requirements

5000 VSC machines in the field are proof of the operative capability and the success the VSC series has enjoyed during the past years. Consistent development has made the whole of the series also available in twin-spindle versions:
VSC 200 DUO = chuck diameter 200 mm
VSC 250 DUO = chuck diameter 250 mm
VSC 400 DUO = chuck diameter 400 mm


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