• Rotor shaft (electric motor)
  • Cage de joint articulé
  • Roue conique
  • Blisk
  • Disque de frein
  • Came
  • Arbre à cames monté (assemblage)
  • Vilebrequin
  • Poulie CVT
  • Gros vilebrequin
  • Vilebrequin (petits moteurs)
  • Joints articulés homocinétiques
  • matrices
  • Satellite
  • Boîtier de différentiel
  • Bride distributeur
  • Hélice transporteuse
  • Bride
  • Engrenage
  • Arbre formant pignon
  • Arbre pignon (assemblage)
  • Arbre de boîte de vitesses (Soudage laser)
  • Engrenage avec roue synchrone
  • Taillage de roues dentées
  • Corps d'injecteur
  • Tourillons (logement de joint articulé)
  • Cylindre de frein principal
  • Pistons
  • Réducteurs planétaires
  • Bague de pompe
  • Roue pour chemin de fer
  • Bague de laminage
  • Vis sans fin
  • Pignon à chaîne
  • Pignon à chaîne (système de fabrication)
  • Pignons de transmission
  • Couplage trois bras
  • Arbre de turbocompresseur
  • Arbre d'induit
  • Arbre d'entraînement
  • Arbre d'équilibrage
  • Vanne hydraulique
  • Arbre à cames
  • Arbres de commande
  • Moyeu de roue
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The machining process for gears utilizes machines of the VL platform, with four key operations carried out sequentially. Turning the first side and second side of the gear (OP 10 and OP 20) is done on VL 2 machines. A VLC 200 H then carries out the gear cutting process (OP 30) using a milling hob, with the concluding chamfering operation (OP 40) carried out on a VLC 100 C. The use of two different control systems (Fanuc on the VL and Siemens on the VLC) in one manufacturing system exemplifies the possibilities offered by combing different machines.

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Gear manufacturing: short machining times – exceptional output rates

Demands on the manufacture of transmission components continues to increase. Modern gearboxes are becoming smaller while the number of speed-gears increases, leading to a general increase in the quantity of all gears and toothed components required. It follows that these components must be produced at the highest precision and that calls for an ever increasing number of processes. Ideally, all of these processes should also be highly flexible, with a large variety of transmission components – such as shafts, gears, planetary gears and plate carriers – frequently being manufactured at the same site.

The technologies which successfully fulfil these demands have been developed by the gearing specialists from EMAG. With innovative machine designs they have expedited developments in the production of transmission systems.


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Tailor-made automation solutions for every application
  • Efficient workpiece flow, with short travels and short idle times
  • Modular manufacturing concept that can be expanded and adapted at anytime
  • Simple to operate manufacturing system that offers short resetting and maintenance times
  • Integrated development and construction from a single source – from machine to process and automation


Gears are machined in 4 setups using machines of the VL platform

Manufacture of gears for the automotive industry and its sub-suppliers


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