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GW 3600 H

Gear Profile Grinding GW 3600 H

The GW 3600 H is a special machine for the high precision grinding of long screw-type profiles.

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High Precision Grinding of Long Screw-type Profiles

The EMAG SU GW 3600 H gear profile grinding machine is a special machine for the high precision grinding of long screw-type profiles, such as extruder screws for plastic injection moulding or ball screws.

Equipped with a powerful grinding spindle for large grinding wheels and workpiece supports adapted to each application, you will produce worry-free screws up to a length of 3600 mm. With its optional dressing units for ceramic bonded grinding wheels, the machine is prepared for flexible mass production requirements.

You will receive your GW 3600 H gear profile grinding machine together with the appropriate software and the required grinding and dressing tools to make your screw production soar. Machines for longer workpieces on request.

Special machine version for the manufacture of extra-long screw-type workpieces.

Caractéristiques techniques

Workpiece dia., max. mm
Module, max. mm 16
Profile depth, max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindle mm
170 / 365
6.5 / 14.5
Tool spindle power kW
20 / 35
27 / 47
Ceramic wheel diameter mm 45 / 75 with shoulders
Tool spindle speed, max. rpm 5,000
Workpiece weight, max. kg
Machine weight, including standard equipment kg

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  • Measurement on the machine
  • One powerful grinding spindle
  • Specific dressing unit for large grinding wheels
  • Specific screw manufacturing software packages
  • Standard and special workpiece support solutions
  • Self centric steady rest
  • Additional grinding spindles next to the main grinders head for grinding splines at the end of the workpiece from solid

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