Machining of Threading for Casing and Tubing Couplings and Pipes (OCTG)

High-performance machining with high quality requirements, that's what the VSC-series stands for, which is the focus of this webinar. We will show you directly from our production hall a machining solution for casing and tubing couplings of various sizes, from 60 mm to over 450 mm diameter. We will demonstrate the capabilities of our equipment for the machining of threaded connections according to standard (e.g. API 5CT, GOST), as well as "premium" high-precision connections according to the requirements of our top customers. 

The precision machining of threading, as well as hermetic sealing (PIN-BOX) requests the highest demands on the machine design, and here the VSC-series excels, as you will learn in this (recorded) webinar. In addition, we will demonstrate our ability to supply complete automatic production lines, including transport automation, robotics, washing, crack detection, marking, phosphating, etc.

If you are interested in the machining of couplings and pipes, you should not miss this webinar.

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