Webinar @ EMAG: Webinar directly from the EMAG ECM Site

jeu., 24.06.2021 | 10:30 - 11:30

Webinar @ EMAG: Webinar directly from the EMAG ECM Site - The PECM Process Live

This year marks the beginning of a new exciting phase for EMAG ECM. With EMAG LaserTec and EMAG ECM, a multi-technology site for "non-cutting technologies" has been created within the EMAG Group in Heubach. In this live webinar, directly from Heubach, we will be answering the following questions in addition to our current interesting Aviation projects: How can the EMAG ECM technology team support you in solving your machining tasks and problems? What does the development and manufacturing process of PECM solutions look like? And don’t forget: What are the benefits of PECM technology in the first place? We will answer these questions and of course all those you may ask during this live event. Don't miss this opportunity, we look forward to your virtual visit.

Language: English

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