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Technology Presentations

High-tensile materials, demanding machining requirements, complex geometries
and compact workpiece designs – the demands made on the metalworking industry
are constantly growing. Traditionalmachining processes – such as turning, milling
and grinding – are now frequently reaching the limits of their capacity. How efficient
are technologies like electro-chemical machining, heat shrink assembly, or production
laser welding? Our technology presentations will show you the range and possibilities
for the use of these technologies.

Scroll-free turning

The process for scroll-free turning is very different then that of convention turning – the blade contact point slides along the blade, the inclined blade and overlapping movements of the tool and workpiece mean that the blade contact point moves continuously along the component surface. Unlike the point loading that occurs during ISO turning, this process results in wear that is distributed across the full length of the cutting edge. However, strains that occur in the process are different from those that arise during conventional turning. Mastering this technology doesn’t just require the relevant experience, but also a reliable and stable machine concept. If this is available, as it is for example with the EMAG VT series, the user will benefit from a finishing process about 5-6 times faster than traditional turning processes.

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Scroll-free Turning

Hard turning / grinding

Hard turning / grinding

The combination of a number of processes – such as hard turning and grinding – on a single machine, allows for the exploitation of considerable rationalisation potentials.

The advantages of the process combination hard turning and grinding lie in the complete- machining of workpieces, greater flexibility and improved component quality.

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Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning uses a high-energy laser beam to steam impurities off component surfaces in seconds. This ensures that the surface of each component is ready for additional processes such as laser welding.

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ECM/PECM Technology

During the electro-chemical process an electrolyte solution flows between the workpiece (the positive anode) and the tool (the negative cathode). Metal ions dissolve from the workpiece, until the required component contour is achieved. This produces maximum quality surface finishes – with no burr formation or changes to the material’s microstructure, and with the lowest possible roughness values.

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Induction Hardening

With induction hardening the heat is introduced into the respective workpiece per induction from eddy currents. Only the parts of the component to be hardened are heated, i.e. a small edge area with a depth of just a few millimeters. This enables a fast preheating process (less than a second, depending on the component), and therefore fast cycle times.

More about Induction hardening
Induction hardening

Laser welding

Laser Welding

EMAG Automation is one of the first companies ever to use a solid-state laser as the source for its laser welding machines. The use of these modern laser sources enables significant savings potential from both energy consumption and equipment footprint. At the same time the machining quality and speed increases with the use of solid-state laser technology.

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Heat Shrink Assembly

EMAG’s thermal joining process combines flexibility and productivity, and enables the solid connection of components through force fitting alone. The freedom generated here in construction and production terms is accompanied by a short cycle time. Fitting the assembly machine with several preheating units means the technology can be optimally configured for different applications.

More about Heat Shrink Assembly
Heat Shrink Assembly

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