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HMI 4.0

Introducing the New Universal HMI 4.0 Control Panel Allowing for Multiple Machine Control LIVE at EMO!

At EMAG, one of our goals is to link machines, system components and production staff to improve productivity using data collected during machining. Although this may sound like an easy task, it is actually quite the opposite. In support of this effort, EMAG has mapped out an extensive development process because networking in a real production environment and the data management required for it are by no means simple. To continue to improve in this area, EMAG is launching a new universal machine panel, which you can see in person, live at EMO 2019! This panel combines all of the latest technological developments from EMAG implemented over the last few years.

The control panel is a modern HMI developed with the input from machine operators, ensuring that the system is easy to operate. It also comes equipped with everything it needs for integrating the existing portfolio of software tools and Industry 40.0 applications, allowing the user to see everything right away, on just one panel. Industry 4.0 solutions include monitoring, analysis, service and maintenance and work preparation.

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