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EMO 2019 Highlights

Designing complete process chains is now becoming a standardized process
within the industry, and the modular systems from EMAG allows you to
combine machines into complex process chains, with a modular base.
Here are some highlights of production line modules that you can
experience live at EMO 2019!


VL 5 DUO: Dual Spindle Pick-Up Lathe with Fully Integrated Automation

The VL 5 DUO can be used as a single-machine solution for OP 10 and OP 20, or a TWIN process lathe for OP 10 / OP 10 – making it the perfect solution for a wide variety of production scenarios.

The machining area layouts are mirrored to on another, and each has its own work spindle integrated. With up to 34.1 kW (46 hp) of power, and a torque of 593 NM (437 ft-lbs) at a 40% duty cycle, this machine is completely capable of quick and precise machining. Each working space is equipped with a twelve position tool turret (VDI 40 or BMT 55 interface), which can be loaded with power tools and a Y-axis, as well as turning tools.

Workpiece diameter, max. mm
Chuck diameter, max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
More information about VL 5 DUO

PI 800: Modular ECM/(P)ECM Machine for a Variety of Applications

The modular PI machine platform implements the successful EMAG concept (standard basic machine structure combined with customized technology) in the form of an EMAG ECM machine. This offers maximum flexibility for the electro-chemical processing of components.

Working area mm 1150 x 950
Mounting surface mm 600 x 400
Generator power A (DC) 400–2500
More information about PI 800
PI 800

MIND-L 1000

MIND-L 1000—Modularity for Optimal Induction Hardening Solutions

Focused on mass production: The new generation of vertical rotary table machines for induction hardening from EMAG eldec has arrived. The modular design of the MIND-L 1000 allows for custom hardening solutions for the most diverse workpieces with a maximum length of 800 mm (31 in).

Workpiece length, max. mm
Workpiece diameter, max. mm
160 / 200
6.5 / 8
Workpiece weight, max. kg
More information about MIND L-1000

LC 4-2: NEW Autonomous Laser Cleaning

The LC 4-2 was developed as a standardized modular system for laser cleaning. It is designed for components with a maximum diameter of 200 mm (8 in) and heights of up to 350 mm (14 in). The LC 4-2 machine can be used as a standalone machine or part of a production line.

Laser cleaning uses a high-energy laser beam to steam impurities off the component surface within seconds. This ensures the surface is perfect for subsequent machining such as laser welding.

Footprint mm 1500 x 3050
Laser capacity 200 W fibre laser
Max. axis speed (rapid-traverse) X / Z axis m/s 0,4 / 0,5
More about LC 4-2
LC 4-2

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