General instructions for dealing with the coronavirus

13.03.2020 - Oliver Hagenlocher

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In order to counteract a further spread of the coronavirus, we have established the following company regulations for visitors, suppliers and external service providers:

All personal contact must be kept to a minimum. Where it is not absolutely necessary, face-to-face meetings should be avoided and replaced by telephone calls or web conferences.

This applies in particular to people who have been in the risk areas (RKI - Risk areas) in the last 2 weeks or have had contact with people who have been there.

In addition, all visitors are subject to extended visit clearance. Visitors must register with the appropriate contact person at least 2 working days prior to their visit to one of the EMAG locations. In the context of a risk assessment, EMAG reserves the right to refuse a visit without giving reasons.

The general rules of conduct for infection protection apply at all EMAG Group locations (

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