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GT 500 H

Gear Profile Grinding GT 500 H

The GT 500 H gear grinding machine is ideal for both prototyping tasks and efficient grinding of medium and large gear batches.

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Efficient Grinding of Medium and Large Gear Batches

Thanks to an additional tool shifting Y axis, the GT 500 H gear grinding machine can work with two different grinding wheels, one dedicated to roughing and one dedicated to finishing. Top quality of your products is ensured.

All standard lead and profile corrections can be generated by a dressing device of your choice, and, thanks to this machine’s superior flexibility, you can also apply the most appropriate technology for the given task and even combine different kinds of roughing and finishing processes to maximize efficiency. Your production can be managed in the flexible way.

Plus, with its absolute speed values, the GT 500 H gear profile grinding machine will realize the lowest cycle times possible and has vast potential to accommodate future generations of grinding tool abrasives. Your investment will be satisfied by the high Productivity of the GT 500 H.

Datos técnicos

Workpiece dia., max. mm
Module, max. mn 6.00
Profile depth, max. mm
1 / 20
0 / 1
Workpiece length, max. mm
1,000 / 1,900
39.5 / 75
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindle mm
33 / 363
1.5 / 14.5
Tool spindle power kW
Ceramic wheel diameter mm
80 / 250
3 / 10
Grinding spindle speed, max. rpm 20,000
Workpiece weight, max. kg
250 / 350
551 / 771.5
Machine weight, including standard equipment kg



  • High efficient grinding with CBN for roughing and finishing or CBV for roughing and ceramic tool for finishing
  • Flexible manufacturing of small or large batches
  • Producing prototypes with dreassable wheel
  • Integrated checking
  • Loading and unloading automation solutions available

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