EMAG Machine operator


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3 - 6


The benefits

  • You will be familiar with the setup of the EMAG manufacturing system
  • You will feel confident about using the operating elements and be familiar with the recurring operating sequences on the machine
  • You will be competent to prepare, initiate and influence the production cycle
  • You will be able to interpret the important program parameters and to enter the relevant data
  • You will be able to analyze and correct simple machine malfunctions


  • To reduce operating errors and subsequent costs
  • To maintain and increase output rates
  • To improve component accuracy and quality

Central elements

Module 1

  • Machine description
  • Machine construction and modules
  • Exercises in the use of user interface, operating elements and operational sequences
  • Introduction to diagnostic and online help systems
  • Program management

Module 2

  • The EMAG program architecture explained at the training machine

Module 3

  • Setting up a sample workpiece, including required subroutines, in accordance with the EMAG program architecture

Module 4

  • Test-run of a prepared workpiece program
  • Checking the workpiece quality
  • Tool offsets
  • Starting production


Technically-orientated vocational training or comparable work experience


Operators, setters, supervisors, team leaders

Course duration

5 days or according to experience



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