EMAG VSC - Mechanical






Course ID:    ME_101_840D
Length:        32 hours
Prerequisites:    Experience in CNC Machine Repair

Target Personnel:    

This course is intended for personnel performing mechanical repairs and maintenance on an EMAG machine equipped with a Siemens 840D CNC control. This course will concentrate on operation, alignments and machine document literacy with a minor overview of peripheral devices if applicable. 


This course is designed to use a combination of lessons and hands on exercises to meet the objectives, and is non invasive to machine mechanical assemblies. To enhance the interaction between student and instructor, it is strongly suggested that the course be restricted to a maximum of six (6) students. This will provide the best hands on learning exposure.


Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  • Identify all E-stops, power and pneumatic lockouts
  • Demonstrate safe operation devices (opening and closing of machine and safety doors)
  • Identify control and machine areas
  • Understand and utilize the hydraulic, coolant, cooling and lubrication plans
  • Perform machine start up and shut down procedures
  • Perform machine referencing procedure
  • Perform manual axis movements with the machine door closed or open
  • Perform manual and MDI functions
  • Perform machine geometry inspections
  • Perform turret alignment inspections
  • Perform machine headstock alignments
  • Perform preventative maintenance tasks
  • Perform basic mechanical troubleshooting


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