EMAG VL - Programming






Course ID:    VL_PGM_101_32i
Length:        16 hours
Prerequisites:    Experience in CNC programming is suggested

Target Personnel:    

This course is intended for personnel setting up an EMAG machine equipped with a Fanuc 32i CNC control. This course will concentrate on Operation, Alignments and Program literacy with a minor overview of peripheral devices if applicable.


The course will be limited to the Fanuc 32i and how the EMAG flexible programming is utilized along with in process measuring and control management. To enhance interaction between student and instructor, it is strongly suggested that the class size be restricted to a maximum of six students. Objectives will be met utilizing a mixture of classroom material and machine instruction.

Students will be coached through each eight-hour session to obtain an understanding of the following: machine coordinate and offsets, tooling geometries, operational program flow, subprograms, machine cutting programs, basic program diagnostics and control functions such as edit, open, close, copy, rename and uploading/downloading.


Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  • Ability to operate the machine
  • Understanding of operation screens and their usage
  • Working knowledge of the machine coordinate system
  • Understand the type and usage of machine offsets
  • understand arithmetic "#" of variables
  • Understand the EMAG operational process program flow
  • Understand the EMAG operational process subroutines
  • Understand the EMAG part machining program(s)
  • Understand the EMAG in process probe setup and applicable programs
  • Understand and perform Fanuc 32i control editor functions
  • Ability to establish new part setup and process 


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