Webinar @ EMAG: Agile Working Methodology

Wed, 24.03.2021 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Webinar @ EMAG: Agile Working Methodology - the Path to Cultural Change in Mechanical Engineering?

Internet-of-Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine touchscreens – in recent years, mechanical engineering has been making big leaps in digitalization. But do these technological advancements also indicate that a cultural change is necessary? We think the answer is YES! In order to take advantage of all the opportunities available with digitalization and to be able to respond more quickly to global challenges. Agile methodology allows for more flexibility than traditional project management methods. This is essential in an industry like mechanical engineering, that is currently undergoing radical changes. In our upcoming webinar, we will introduce you to the agile approach and use real-world examples to explain how this technique makes working with people and machines more effective and meaningful – in short: more agile.

This webinar was designed for anyone who would like to learn more about agile methodology. By participating in this webinar, you will gain insight into how agile methods can be used to improve profitability for everyone in both software and product development. If you are prepping your company for a more digital future, register now!

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