Basic Training Induction Hardening


EMAG eldec Induction GmbH




250,- €


3 - 3

Intensive one-day course on the subject of induction hardening. The venue for the course is Dornstetten.


The benefits

  • This seminar provides an insight into applications and uses of induction hardening processes and the basics of these processes.

Core content

  • Fundamentals of inductive heating
    - Law of induction
    - Fundamentals of ferromagnetism and magnetic fields
    - Skin effect
    - Frequency and power settings
    - Inductors and field concentrators
    - Thermal efficiency and magnetic field patterns
  • Contour hardening
    - Inductive hardening/contour hardening
    - Practical examples
    - Material-related fundamentals
    - Resulting material requirements and selection
    - Tempering


This course is intended for participants with work experience in the heat treatment of steel.

Please notice:

In case of the non-achievement of the minimum number of 3 participants we reserve the right to shift the appointment of this Seminar.


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