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3 - 6

The course is directed toward students with little hands-on experience with EMAG machines. Based on what they have learned during the maintenance course “Servicing mechanics” or their theoretical knowledge, we offer them the opportunity to practice what they have learned.


The benefits

  • You will be aware of when and how to replace wear-and tear parts and be able to routinely exchange them
  • You will be able to professionally exchange the relevant mechanical modules
  • You will be quicker in recognizing, localizing and correcting problems


  • To increase machine availability
  • To reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • To increase the life expectancy of the machine and its modules

Central elements

  • Hands-on training in routine maintenance work using examples given in the EMAG maintenance manual
  • Exchanging mechanical modules, such as linear measuring systems, feed drives, ball screws
  • Problem finding and troubleshooting with the help of drawings, hydraulics and pneumatics diagrams and the manuals of outside suppliers


Mechanical electricians, engineers, maintenance personnel

Number of participants:

3 – 6 participants

Course duration:

Minimum of 2 days recommended

Available practice machines

  • EMAG VL 5i (FANUC 32i)
  • VL 2 (FANUC 32i)
  • VLC 100 (SIEMENS)
  • VL 2 P (FANUC 32i)
  • VT 2-4 (FANUC 32i)
  • VTC 100-4 (SIEMENS)

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