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The benefits

  • You will become familiar with the design of the EMAG manufacturing system and its axes designations
  • You will be confident using the operating elements and be familiar with the recurring operating sequences on the machine
  • You will have a excellent understanding of the EMAG specific program architecture and will be able to interpret all program parameters and to identify and input the necessary data
  • You will be able to use the available functions more effectively, to increase process safety at the machine and to reduce component cycle times
  • You will be able to adjust, optimize and use existing and planned processes and operating sequences


  • To consistently maintain and regularly increase output rates
  • To increase the process integrity of operating cycles
  • To produce components of high quality and precision
  • To recognize and increase the machine’s flexibility
  • To increase machine availability

Central elements

Module 1

  • Machine description
  • Machine construction and modules
  • Exercises in the use of user interface, operating elements and operational sequences
  • Introduction to diagnostic and online help systems
  • Program management

Module 2

  • EMAG program architecture in theory and practice
  • Parameterization of the necessary NC subroutines

Module 3

  • Setting up workpiece samples, including required subroutines, in accordance with the EMAG program architecture

Module 4

  • Programming a workpiece sample
  • Running-in workpiece programs
  • Starting up production
  • Short period of actual component production


Basic knowledge of general turning and milling technology, basic knowledge of DIN ISO programming


Operators, setters, supervisors, team leaders

Course duration

8 days or according to experience


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