Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important subject, which has been taken into consideration throughout the development of Platform 250. As one consequence, all the Platform’s motors with a power rating of 0.5 kW and above are exclusively of the energy-efficient type eff1/IE2.

Energy Efficiency: For the Future - Standard at EMAG

Furthermore, EMAG uses only low-wattage valves of an 8 Watt rating in its new machines, reducing the power consumption by 70% compared to traditional valves.

In addition, wherever this is possible, the hydraulics system features an accumulator charging circuit that ensures the pump is only activated when the hydraulic pressure falls below a predetermined level. The interior of the electrical cabinet too is breaking new ground.

All amplifiers are representative of the new through-hole technology (other options are available). This ensures that their waste heat is expelled into the workshop and the cabinet no longer has to be air-conditioned. This allows for the cooling units to be reduced in size, making them more effective.

More savings have been made with the introduction of intelligent standby circuitry in automation and unit control.

Energy-saving through-hole principle

On the VL 5i, VSC 250 and VLC 250 EMAG make use of the possibility to push amplifiers through the back of the electrical cabinet and to cool them down with a simple fan that expels their waste heat into the workshop. Energy-guzzling heat exchangers can thus be dispensed with.