Webinar @ EMAG: Dry grinding of gears

Dry grinding of gears - an ecological alternative that cuts energy costs in half

If you want to produce high-precision gears, then you can't get around gear grinding. No other process enables such a high surface quality. However, with grinding comes the requirement to provide cooling and thus everything that has to do with the handling of coolant with correspondingly high costs.

More than half of the energy consumption of a grinding machine is related to the cooling process. And the coolant is a burden to the environment and difficult to dispose off.

But does it have to be this way? This question was asked at EMAG SU and the revolutionary Skygrinding was developed. A process combination of skiving and grinding and the highlight: it works completely dry. 

We would like to introduce you to this revolutionary process in this recorded webinar in which we will show you the possible uses of the technology based on real-life use cases.



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