Tomorrow's Machine Operation Today - Finally an Operating Concept that suits all Users?

From the requirements of the expert who has to dive deep into the details to those of the unskilled operator who merely supplies the machine with workpieces - this is the range a modern HMI has to cover, for users worldwide. Until now, control concepts could only be configured to meet different requirements to a very limited extent, primarily due to the hardware. But with the advent of smart devices and touchscreens, it has become clear that there is another way. The underlying hardware remains the same, but the interaction options on the touchscreen are practically limitless and can be adapted to a wide variety of needs.

This is precisely the concept that EMAG is now adopting with the EDNA HMI for machine tools. An operating concept that can really be tailored to every user: intuitive, modular, future-proof. We would like to show you exactly what we mean within this recorded webinar. Give us about 60 minutes and see for yourself what advantages our new HMI has in store for you.  Faster training of personnel, update capability, practically unlimited possibilities for displaying content (drawings, instructions, learning videos, etc.). In short: this is what the operation of tomorrow's machines looks like, which we are already making possible for you today.

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