Reduce Machine Downtime thanks to Data-based Anomaly Detection

With EDNA IoT products, digitalized manufacturing can even be achieved, today. But what are the actual benefits of networked manufacturing? We would like to share a possible answer with this webinar.  
During this event, we would like to introduce you to how the collection and analysis of data can help optimally monitor your production. The development of analysis algorithms can help automatically detect production anomalies such as cycle time changes or NOK parts. In addition, an alarm is sent, immediately, via an integrated notification app so that swift action can be taken. This helps to reduce machine downtime and prevents bad parts from continuing in your production process. To make a long story short: Costs are reduced and the OEE of your production increases.  

This recored webinar will be interesting to anyone who wants to learn about the opportunities, and also the requirements, that data-driven manufacturing brings.

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