EMAG at the AMB 2012: Universal turning solutions for manufacturing companies

07/18/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher


Better component quality at a lower price? At the AMB Stuttgart EMAG will – from the 18th to the 22th of September 2012 – show their VL 5i, a vertical turning machine that is tailor-made to fully meet the demands of the small and medium size manufacturing company.

With their VL 5i the machine tool specialists at EMAG have developed a comprehensive solution for small and medium size manufacturing companies. It can be used for small and large batch production alike, and complete-machines workpieces of up to 220 mm diameter in a single setup. Flanges, gears and steering pinions can be machined with as much efficiency and to the same quality as brake disks or cams. The vertical turning machine features a powerful 22 kW workspindle with a top torque of 250 Nm, plus a turret that accommodates turning as well as driven tools and impresses with its short indexing times of 0.3 s. Drilling and milling operations can be incorporated by equipping some or all of the 12 turret stations with driven tools. The outstanding feature in this is the EMAG turret drive that combines high speeds with outstanding performance and a minimum space requirement. For instance, the diameter of the turret is only 360 mm but accommodates 12 stations and has a maximum torque rating of 40 Nm.

Flexible automation included
Proof of the exceptional quality of the vertical turning machine VL 5i is, first of all, its integrated automation system. It uses a recirculating chain conveyor equipped with carrier prisms that deliver the raw-parts directly to a pick-up station for machining. As this station is located behind the machining area, the operator can – at any time – insert new raw-parts at the front of the machine. It is hard to imagine a more flexible and, at the same time, more universal solution for the automation of a machine tool.

Short travels = short idle times
Another advantage of the vertical turning machine VL 5i lies in its short idle times. Changing workpieces is a very fast process, as the distance between loading position and machining position is only 550 mm. The importance the EMAG turning specialists attach to the machine’s efficiency can also be seen in the design of the guideways. They are located outside the machining area, where they are protected against the ingress of chips and dirt. This reduces the maintenance effort and makes the machine less susceptible to breakdowns. The machine can also be equipped with an optional measuring station, located outside the machining area. Here the component is measured on its way from the tooling zone to the unloading station, whilst still in its original clamping position. The measuring results are not distorted by the ingress of chips, as the vertical turning operation provides for ideal chip flow conditions.

Energy efficiency is of the greatest importance
The sustainable use of energy and resources completes the picture of an engineering solution that not only offers a small footprint but also does away with unnecessary design details – the reason why the machine builders at EMAG can offer this machine at an advantageous price-performance ratio.  
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