Advance notice for press: The BA 321 Twin-Spindle Horizontal Machining Center

04/20/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

A machine with rotary axis, compact in its design and still with the possibility to load cycle time-concurrent - that has been, till now, a contradiction in terms when talking about machining centers. But exactly that has been SW's in supplementing their range of smaller multi-spindle machining centers with the BA 321. The application range for this machine, either as a stand-alone or part of a manufacturing system, covers the three- and four-spindle machining of smaller workpieces in steel, cast iron and aluminum. The beam-type workpiece rest with its 4 clamping positions swivels round a rotary axis. In conjunction with automatically activated bulkhead and loading doors, this allows for cycle time-concurrent workpiece loading and unloading. The machine features two work spindles with HSK-63 tool receptors and a power rating of 32 kW each and a speed of 4,200 rpm at 40% duty cycle. The distance between spindles is 300 mm, the speed range 1 - 10,000 rpm. Work spindles with a speed of 17,500 rpm are available as an optional extra. The base of the horizontal machining center is of monobloc construction and - in conjunction with the robust spindle housing – offers a rigid, vibration resistant machine. The linear axes are ball screws with a top rapid traverse speed of 75 m/min and a maximum acceleration of 10 m/s². The chain magazine has a capacity of 2 x 20 tools. A larger version with 2 x 32 tool stations is available as an optional extra. Tools are changed using the pick-up method. In conjunction with the highly dynamic linear axes this makes it possible to achieve medium range chip-to-chip times under 3 seconds. It also allows for idle times to be reduced to a minimum.

SW – Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH – SW for short – is a successful and expanding manufacturer of production systems for the machining of cubic workpieces. 300 staff in Waldmössingen, SW Germany, develop, project and assemble multi-spindle machining centers and accessories. Its clients include the automotive industry and especially its tier-1 suppliers. SW is the EMAG Group's technology center and center of excellence for the machining of prismatic workpieces.
Like EMAG, SW has a great deal of experience in building highly efficient machines, but is - just like EMAG - not only a machine tool manufacturer per se, but also a major  supplier of workpiece-specific, optimally suitable solutions to the demanding batch production in medium sized and large enterprises in the automotive, aerospace, hydraulics and pneumatics industries.

With its BA series of machines SW has achieved technological superiority among multi-spindle machining center manufacturers. The new BA 321 that will be presented to the public at EMO 2007, confirms this claim anew.


Oliver Hagenlocher

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