People at EMAG

The people at EMAG are the key success factor.

"Challenges are part of our life, and taking them on demands strong commitment. Recognizing innovative possibilities in those challenges is our asset. Enthusiasm for our products and a lust for success are what drive us to perform at our best every day with energy and vigor."

 Stefan Rauser, Director HR EMAG Germany

Employees – the basis of the EMAG success story.

EMAG employees think of themselves as a team. This way of thinking fosters a culture of communication in which employees readily share their experiences, ideas and suggestions. The reason for this approach is clear: companies can succeed only as a community. We would now like to introduce you to three employees at the EMAG Group:



Deigand Qarri

TF Application Technician

“I want to see the world and EMAG gives me the opportunity to do so. I am in charge of the commissioning procedures for machines all over the world.“



Anna Voytova

Graphic Designer

“EMAG enables me to use all of my talent. I particularly like the fact that I have lots of design freedom and can work flexible hours.“




Rolf Stubenvoll

Technology Manager

“I can use every bit of my experience at EMAG. I particularly like working in a team.“

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