Fingerprint – Assessment of machine condition, at any time

Fingerprint increases your machine availability and productivity, and thereby reduces costs per unit.

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Increase your machine availability and productivity!

The diagnosis of the condition of machine tool axes is either done based on gut feeling or requires protracted measuring. Accurate data for preventive maintenance is often unavailable or can only be obtained with great effort.

This makes it difficult to plan ahead for maintenance, and wear-based replacement of components is often impossible. With Fingerprint, the EMAG Service is able to diagnose and evaluate the condition of mechanical components. The best part is that there is no need for lengthy disassembling and reassembling in order to compile a machine assessment. The data supplied by Fingerprint provides an up-to-date status report of the machine with regard to the behavior of the machine axes.

Increase your machine availability and productivity!

As part of a detailed machine analysis with Fingerprint, and EMAG service engineer will compile diagnostics to evaluate the behavior of the machine axes.

By means of 3D-acceleration and vibration sensors, the movements of the axes are analyzed and plotted. Evaluating this data provides reliable conclusions about the condition of mechanical assemblies and components.

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  • Increasing machine availability and productivity
  • Savings in cost per unit
  • Higher machine availability by status-oriented maintenance
  • Longer lifetime of the machine
  • Status history available
  • No lengthy disassembly and reassembly for analysis
  • Verifiable results with parameters




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