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    KCS 200
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KCS 200

KCS 200 - Chamfering with Incredible Contour Accuracy

The KCS 200 is used for the chamfering of chucked components with a maximum diameter of 200 mm. For the machining of medium and large component batche sizes, robots can be used to load the gear hobbing machine; while smaller batches can be manually loaded into a stand-alone version.

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KCS 200 Chamfering Machine

The KCS 200 is equipped with two machining stations, each features two NC axes and a swivel table. Einmitt sensors ensure the generation of very accurate geometries. The five axes of the machine are capable of handling complex tooth forms.

Framework conditions

  • Chucked components (gears) with or without hub, from approx. module 1.5
  • max. gear dia.: 200 mm
  • max. height: 100 mm
  • Dry machining
  • Machining time: approx. 1s per tooth

Technical Data

Workpiece diameter, max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Workpiece weight, max. kg

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  • Easy to program, using the hobbing machine’s control system
  • Easy access to the machining area when tools need to be changed
  • Easy change of setup from one workpiece to another
  • The stand-alone version is a cost-effective solution for both small and medium batch sizes
  • A low-cost tool will machine a multitude of shapes of chamfer, even asymmetric ones, without generating a secondary burr




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