12/19/2016 - Markus Isgro

Pendulum grinding: the new EMAG technology shortens particulary complex grinding processes

For years, the focus of car designers has been the steering gear. The system hasbeen complemented by complex secondary drive systems. Drivers are now clamouring for steering systems with even more precision. In order to meet this demand, the production of associated components also changes – it has to become more efficient and more precise.This is especially truefor the most demanding components,...

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04/28/2016 - Markus Isgro

La serie VL di EMAG

I torni verticali pick-up della serie VL fanno parte della nuova concezione di macchine modulari del gruppo EMAG, in cui concetto base è il sistema pick-up verticale: un'invenzione EMAG di grande successo. Grazie alle esperienze raccolte in più di 20 anni di sviluppo e vendita di torni verticali, è stato possibile progettare questa nuova tipologia di macchine, che si presenta come uno dei sistemi...

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12/05/2016 - Markus Isgro

EMAG PECM radically shortens toolmaking processes

Many branches of the industry need highly challenging, complex tools for their mass production. These are often one-offs with precise shapes and contours, perfect for the precision electro-chemical machining process (PECM) from EMAG.

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11/16/2016 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Automation: Complete laser welding solutions for transmission manufacturing

In the automotive industry,  one trend has been consistent for years: Passenger vehicle transmissions are becoming smaller and lighter, although the number of speeds—and of toothed gear components—continue to increase. How does the entire assembly not become heavier?. The answer becomes obvious by taking a closer look at the individual components. A gearwheel, for example, consists of two...

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11/07/2016 - Markus Isgro

eldec Quality Control: Comprehensive Quality Assurance for Induction Hardening

More than ever, production planners in the automotive industry are pursuing zero-defect strategies—as much as possible considering the tremendous increase in the technical complexity of vehicles over the last few years. Consequently, requirements have become even stricter, resulting in even more sources of error in production. The frequent recalls we have seen in recent years have been evidence of...

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