New Spindle Down Platform: The VM and VMC Series

Vertical Turning Machines & Vertical Turning / Milling Machines

With the flexibility of the VM, VMC and VMC MT series, EMAG offers a single machine system for chucked components suited to the production of a wide variety of workpieces in many different manufacturing scenarios. Be it parts for trucks, construction and agricultural machines or the aviation industry, the VMC series is ideal for practically every sector.

The vertical turning centers of the VM and VMC series are designed for the manufacture of individual parts and small production runs with a wide variety of components.


The VMC Platform offers:

  • Consistent vertical model product families with a modular design ensure a large range of options
  • Ideal for small batch runs, part families and prototype production
  • Suitable for universal use – highly flexible manufacturing of a wide range of workpieces and materials
  • Machine concept which can be optimally adapted to the machining process required with a large selection of technology modules
  • Number of tools can be extended using mini tool carriers



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