• Cicular griding for perfect roundness
    Rectification cylindrique
  • Chamfer Cut procedure allows rapid chamfering processes by the Chamfer Cut tool
    Chamfer Cut
  • Drilling in Action
  • ECM
  • ECM - Ebavurage
  • ECM - Perçage
  • ECM - Réalisation de cavités
  • PECM
  • Rotary chamfer and deburring for rapid application of a chamfer on the gearwheel
    L’ébavurage par pression
  • Grinding on an EMAG SK 204
  • Hard turning / Grinding
  • Induction hardening
  • Laser welding produces compact, weight-optimised components
    Technologie du soudage Laser
  • Technologie pétrolière
  • Complete-machining of out-of-round grinding of a camshaft with two slides and four spindles
    La rectification non cylindrique
  • Préchauffage et assemblage
  • Pelage (skiving)
  • Rabotage
  • Rectification en appui synchrone
  • Technologie tournage / fraisage par développante
  • Tournage vertical
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The Chamfering process ensures high contour accuracy and repeatability

With the Chamfer Cut, chamfers can be created on the front edges of gearwheels with precision and repeatability, after gear hobbing. The deburring technology is ideal for components without any interfering contours, and ensures the best chamfering quality.

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Chamfer Cut – Reproducible chamfering process for front edges of transmission components

One thing that all chamfering processes have in common is that the front edges of gears, e.g. in transmission components, must be machined both evenly and with high repeatability. The Chamfer Cut procedure in particular has been established as a chamfering technology that allows the machining of transmission components without residual burrs and bulging. The Chamfer Cut process allows optimum chamfering all the way down to the tooth base. Precise tooth base chamfering may be challenging with other types of chamfering processes, however EMAG’s even allows adjustments in chamfer corrections without a problem.

Chamfer Cut can be used immediately after gear hobbing, e.g. on the VL 4 H vertical hobbing machine, in the same clamping operation. To do this, the CHAMFER CUT tool is mounted on the hob arbor of the cutter in addition to the hob. Chamfer Cut can equally be used on the chamfering and deburring machine VLC 100 CC, e.g. for line production in combination with other EMAG modular machines.

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