03/05/2017 - Markus Isgro

VLC 200 GT from EMAG: New Custom-Fit Turning and Grinding Solution for the Machining of Automotive Gears

The production of a large volume of parts with extremely high quality has been a key feature in the production of automotive transmissions for decades. Developments in both the marketplace and technology, however, are continuing to change production at a very fast pace. For example, the number of gears needed for the production of our cars has been rising. This increase in quantity is pushing the...

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CVT transmissions: turnkey solutions from EMAG

EMAG develops end-to-end production solutions for soft machining and turning of CVT transmission components – interlinked and monitored.

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12/07/2017 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at the EMO: Focusing on electric drive systems and the “smart factory”

Electromobility and Industry 4.0 – these industrial megatrends are featured prominently in the EMAG Group booth at the EMO in Hanover from September 18 to 23 this year. Throughout the show, EMAG machine manufacturers will demonstrate their role as “facilitators” of technological change. For example, they have complete solutions available for the efficient production of central components of...

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19/12/2016 - Markus Isgro

La rectification pendulaire : Le nouveau procédé EMAG réduit en particulier la durée des processus de rectification complexes.

La VLC 250 PDS permet d’effectuer la rectification de pièces complexes dans l’industrie automobile en beaucoup moins de temps – la raison en est : Lors de la rectification pendulaire, deux pièces sont usinées en parallèle. Le temps de cycle diminue de 30 pour cent.

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