• The rotor shafts for electric motors are produced completely on EMAG machines.
    Eje del rotor (de motor eléctrico)
  • Articulated cage—produced on an EMAG vertical turning center VTC 100-4
  • PECM for the machining of blisks
  • Disco de freno
  • Leva
  • Composite camshaft for a small engine
    Árbol de levas compuesto (encastre)
  • Automobile crankshaft machined on the PM 2 series.
    Crankshaft (automobile)
  • Cigüeñal (motores pequeños)
  • CV joints make high demands on the machining technology. Core components: Kingpins, articulated cage, joint ball
    Juntas homocinéticas
  • Dies
  • Differential pinion—precision machining on VL machines
    Rueda cónica del diferencial
  • Caja del diferencial
  • Brida de distribución
  • Transportador de tornillo
  • Flange manufactured on VL 2 lathes
  • Gears are machined on EMAG VL series machines
    Rueda dentada
  • Árbol de engranajes
  • Composite gear shaft manufactured with high precision by the use of EMAG heat shrink assembly technology.
    Árbol de transmisión (encastre)
  • Árbol de transmisión (soldar por láser)
  • Rueda dentada con rueda de sincronización
  • Gear of an automobile gearbox manufactured on a VLC 200 H
    Fresar rueda dentada
  • Cuerpo de inyector
  • Machines by the EMAG Group for Kingpin production
    Muñones de ejes (portamanguetas)
  • Cilindro del freno principal
  • To machine pistons with precision poses a particular challenge for all manufacturing solutions
  • Pump ring production on the high-precision SK 204 grinder
    Anillo para bombas
  • Railway wheel manufactured with precision on VLC 1200 turning centers
    Rueda ferroviaria
  • Roll rings are precision components
    Anillo de laminado
  • Husillo
  • Piñón de cadena
  • Piñón de cadena (sistema de producción)
  • Steering pinions can be machined with great precision on the EMAG VT machine
    Piñón de dirección
  • Acoplamiento de tres puntos
  • Surface layer hardening an armature shaft on an eldec MIND 750
    Árbol del inducido
  • Árbol de accionamiento
  • Árbol de compensación
  • Induction hardening through precision control
    Válvula hidráulica
  • Árbol de levas
  • Hardening shifter shafts with induction hardening
    Árboles selectores
  • Surface layer hardening with the eldec hardening machine
    Endurecimiento de cubos de rueda
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Electro-chemical Machining (ECM) for Producing Dies

Integrating complex 3D geometry, like that in precision dies of high-tensile materials, places very tough demands on machining technology.

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Design freedom when configuring dies

Components with up to eight axes are electro-chemically produced in the PT series machines with no thermal impact. Even the most demanding 3D structures are possible. Feeds of up to 5 mm/min are achieved in the electro-chemical (ECM) rough-machining area. The planar machining or parallel machining of 20 to 30 components makes it possible to realize crucial cost savings with moderate to significant unit numbers. Production accuracy to under 20 micrometers can be achieved. Plus, ECM tools have a very long life.  This means a considerable production cost factor is eliminated in comparison with clamping methods. In contrast to erosion (EDM), ECM does not cause micro-fissures, an effect that impacts the stability of the component – a factor that is especially important in high-performance press tools.


Erosion (EDM) vs. Electro-chemical Machining (ECM)

  • EDM scores points when producing prototypes because of its limited equipment requirements and lower complexity in terms of devices and electrodes.
  • As the unit numbers increase, ECM processes benefit from the fact they operate without tool wear and, as a result, produce long service life.
Productivity comparison EDM vs. ECM

EDM vs. ECM productivity comparison: Electro-chemical machining scores points in particular with high unit numbers because ECM operates without tool wear

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